The Lazarus Effect: Creepy and Its Not-So-Distant Cousin, Complete Letdown

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The Lazarus EffectThere is something to be said about horror films with great set up. Director David Gelb definitely has that with Lazarus, but unfortunately, delivers a second half of Titanic proportions. Essentially, Lazarus does all its homework to kick off the terror and then sh$ts the bed. See below for further details, if needed.

Premise: A group of scientists/med students find a way to bring dead patients back to life with horrible consequences. Result: See above. -_-

Lazarus centers on an intriguing premise: Frank (Mark Duplass) and fiancée Zoe (Olivia Wilde) lead a team of scientists/med-students (?) in an attempt to discover a serum that will give surgeons additional time to revive patients after “death.” Their team consists of student documentarian Eva (Sarah Bolger) and medical assistants Clay (Evan Peters) and Niko (Donald Glover), as well as tons of emotional baggage.

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Only Lovers Left Alive: Dark, Languid Well-Executed Horror

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Only Lovers Left AliveWriter/director Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers) has delivered one of the more low burn, but beautiful horror films of recent memory. Far more focused on characters and the monsters they may or may not be over plot, the film delivers a deeper, nuanced version of the horror we are used to .

Premise: A depressed vampire/musician reunites with his lover but with a less than favorable outcome. Result: A good, interesting take on Vampires and Love.

While all the vampire films/shows in recent memory may make audiences wonder how these creatures “got it so good”, Only Lovers will work to dispel that “myth.” The film essentially follows Adam (Tom Hiddleston) a recluse that spends his evenings like a teen left home alone by parents just a smidgen too long: bored and brooding, he listlessly strums on guitars and stares off into the oblivion. A wealthy hipster with a desperate need for color and purpose, he is stricken with ennui.

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Kingsman – The Secret Service: “Baby Bond” Is Highly Worth It!

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KingsmanDirector Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) has found that good balance between the sublime and the absurd in Kingsman, essentially a film that can be boiled down to “Baby-Bond”. Harkening back to the thrills, drama, and camp of the original Bond films (prior to the reboot), Kingsman manages to keep interest from moment one and make us long for the next iteration.

Premise: A young boy must rise to the occasion to become part of a super-secret, elite secret service organization just in time to save the world. Result: Lots of fun!

The film opens with backstory, providing the necessary connection between Harry Hart/ Galahad (Colin Firth) and his eventual mentee, “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton), whose father died saving Galahad’s life. Years later, after a slew of bad breaks and bad decisions, Eggsy calls for help and Hart answers, saving him in a bind but also setting him up for a unique, unexpected opportunity to become a member of the Kingsman, an independent secret service that is so secret, it’s beyond even government.

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Wolf Creek 2: More Terror and More Just Other Stuff

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WC2Director Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek) has delivered the sequel to one of the most chilling slasher films in recent memory. The result is certainly unsettling but loses some of the steam from the first film by over-stuffing the plot with more than needed.

Premise: Another round of Outback-slasher horror where notorious/mysterious monster-murderer Mick terrorizes quite literally everyone in his path. Result: Lots of jolts but moves away from simple, creeping terror to an ornate, brimming story that appears to span the entire Outback this time.

After Wolf Creek, it is a wonder why anyone would ever go into the Outback without armed escort…or an army. But here we go again, with a couple, Katarina (Shannon Ashlyn) and Rutger (Philippe Klaus), who are actually hitch-hiking their way across Australia s if they were heading to Woodstock. Are these people out of their minds? Continue reading

Jupiter Ascending: Whoa. Wow? Lol?

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Jupiter AscendingAndy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski (as The Wachowskis and/or The Wachowski Siblings, see our latest BMK for more details) have delivered another visually arresting cinematic event that has everything you could possibly want in one movie. However, that is because they have apparently put everything possible into this movie, ever, that you could imagine, ever, and it certainly feels like it. Ushers should pass out Valium or Dramamine before/after screenings.

Premise: An Earth woman is the unwitting heir to a vast galactic fortune, if only she can survive the threats from her supposed royal family. Result: Way too much going on but amidst the overstuffed chaos is some fun.

The preposterous dialogue is the first horror to hit audiences in the film, wafting over audiences like the scent of skunk and strawberries – awful but peculiar enough to keep us wondering. Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) begrudgingly, almost absently narrates her own tale blandly recalling her father, supposedly an astronomy student obsessed with his telescope, and her mother, whose lack of English may have helped the union form. Then, after getting her preggers, Dad dies in a completely inexplicable robbery in their own apartment that seems to surprise no one.

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American Sniper: Better than the Controversy

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American SniperDirector Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby) has delivered one of the better, more heartfelt films about the personal perils of war in recent memory. Amidst intense controversy, American Sniper rises above the din of right or wrong and is just a good, albeit painful, film.

Premise: Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle’s life in war, how he became a legend and ultimately the results on him and his family. Result: A heartfelt, chilling remark on war’s effects on soldiers and their families.

The story of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) begins with hunting, a likely intended metaphor for his subsequent professional life as sniper. He does so with his father, Warren (Ben Reed), who identifies his son’s talent for the long-distance kill as well as instilling in him and his brother, the duty to protect others (this, for whatever reason, is delivered in one of the most chilling, and revolting scenes in recent memory, where Warren goes all “Mommy Dearest” on these children at the dinner table – less camp, more terror).

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Bang, Marry, Kill: The Wachowski Siblings

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Hey, the Wachowski Brothers Siblings have a movie coming out this week… Click the article. Do it. Click it. Click it. Click it!

Click Me!

Subject(s): The Wachowski Siblings

We look like the villains in our own movies!

We look like the villains in our own movies.


Birth dates: One on the same day as Chinese Astronaut, Yang Liwei. The other during Star Trek’s “Trouble with Tribbles” episode (which inspired some of Orci & Kurtzman’s biggest unintentional laughs).

Hometown: They grew up in the same mean streets that created some of history’s greatest monsters: Al Capone, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck, and Jenny McCarthy.

Occupations: Former Jay & Silent Bob cosplayers. Current Eastern European rave-club owners. Directors.

Best known for: The Matrix

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