About the Authors


Mducoing – Editor

moviemixology_iconMducoing has helmed movieMixology for over three years while managing to age twenty. Splitting time between NYC and LA keeps him in America, where by day he advises other people on what they should be doing and not doing with feigned expertise. The author of several short stories, scripts and hundreds of film reviews and articles, Mducoing is always on the lookout for that next great film or writer.

Follow him @mducoing3

Notlaz – Author

notLazLaz is a pretentious blow hard and barely functional alcoholic. Sure there are other things he could focus his efforts on: world peace, curing hunger and disease, etc. But he can barely read as it is, and frankly he’d probably make those problems much much worse if he tried. He’s written a few scripts, but mostly writes here because he’s a jealous cry-baby and this gives him an open forum to playah hate.

Follow him @NotLaz

One Response to “About the Authors”

  1. I’m Harry in the Dumb and Dumber costume that you have listed. Thanks for appreciating our costumes! Mine is still sitting in my closet waiting for resurrection!

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