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Found Footage 3D: A New Direction in Horror Films? A Modest Discussion with Director Steve DeGennaro

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found-footage-3dScream. Se7en. The Silence of the Lambs. The Blair Witch Project. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Night of the Living Dead. The list of classic horror films can go on and on. But much longer and far more depressing is the list of films that either missed the mark or purposefully attempted to ruin us. And in an age of gimmicky tactics and studio-driven cliché, that list only suggests an eternal lengthening.

Is there hope for horror films? Or are we destined for a perpetual landscape of reductive blather and pointless slashing without rhyme or reason? At best should we hope for a genre that survives on a “diamond in the rough” model, or can we expect a future of more consistently, well-made, well-conceived horror with the rest relegated to “straight to DVD” (in a future devoid of DVD players).

This article will not answer that question, but will attempt to offer some ray of hope.The impetus for this line of thinking comes from a (fairly) recent conversation with director and self-described horror-aficionado Steve DeGennaro. Setting out to understand what makes his new film Found Footage 3D good, the conversation inadvertently reminded us what makes certain horror films not only worth watching but worth remembering.


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