About the Movie Rating Scale

All the ratings, based on a 1-10 scale, are aligned to different drinks and drinking experiences.  Note the rating system below (10 best and 1 worst):

10 – a French 150* and great recurring sex, in any order

9 –  An expensive red wine and juicy steak that someone else is paying for and where you don’t have to put out

8 – An expensive red wine and juicy steak

7- A refreshing Champagne that a cute bartender comp’d you!

6 – A mediocre Prosecco that a cute bartender served you

5 – A luke-warm Pinot Grigio

4 – A case of PBR and a “Dear John” letter

3 – Mad Dog 20/20, Government Cheese, and a waste basket for afterwards

2 – Boxed wine and Razorblades – let’s see which kills you faster!

1 – Drinking your own urine because it may have booze in it

Note: a “10” is only awarded to films that have stood the test of time.  This rating requires a film to have had a brilliant initial showing but also can be viewed over time with similar results (e.g., The Shawshank Redemption, My Cousin Vinny, The Big Lebowski)

*French 150 = Hendrick’s Gin (2p), St. Germain (2p), Lemon Juice –  shaken, chilled and served in a martini glass and topped off (liberally) with Cava…happiness in a martini glass



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One Response to “About the Movie Rating Scale”

  1. Alan van den Arend Says:

    Suggestion box comment: I *LOVE* reading your reviews of movies, and they definitely help me decide which new flicks to see. Now that the number of reviews has grown to a fairly decent size, is there any way to add a “sort by rating” option for the blog? That I way I can sift through all the boxed wine, razor blades, government cheese and Mad Dog 20/20 to find a nice Lafite Rothschild con Peter Luger Porterhouse? (Both of which were, ideally, comp’d by a cute bartender or something…)

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