About movieMixology

movieMixology is an attempt to get you movie ratings that you deserve!  The theme of this site is based on the idea that film, cinema, movies -whatever you call them- are more art than science.  The inputs like plot, acting, direction, cinematography all must come together and it it is this interaction that can make a film truly great.

And so, film is like a cocktail – where there is skill and a refined approach needed to truly make something wonderful and satisfying.  Mixology, the study of cocktail creation, is the great metaphor for film and so you will see rating aligned to that wonderful past time.

There are three main writings in this blog:

  • The Review – our take on movies you may know!
  • The Article – our view of the industry and reports on important events such as award ceremonies as well as some classic themed articles like Bang Marry Kill, focused on rating a Director’s body of work.
  • The Awards – These include The prestigious Raised Glass Award (RGA) that honors a new film artist each year, the Golden Chalice Awards that focus on the best films and performances of the year and the Empty Cups awards that focus on the worst films and performances of the year!

Of course, film, like any other form of art, requires constant discussion.  I encourage everyone to comment and discuss all points,


M. Ducoing



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One Response to “About movieMixology”

  1. I’m hoping to see what you have to say about the Scorsese new film – Hugo.

    I signed up to Follow your reviews. When you have a chance check out my reviews. Thanks.


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